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This is weird


What is This? A few months back I hooked up one of those digital converter boxes, so my wife and I could check out over the air digital broadcasts on our old, not flat, not HD television. All in all, it’s been a great experience. We get about 30 crystal clear channels using just a set of rabbit ears. If we ever get around to having a full size outdoor antenna, we’ll probably get another 20-30 channels and say goodbye to cable.

One of the oddest selections among all those digital sub-channels is the movie network This. The network airs some classic TV sitcoms (ala Nick at Nite) during the dead of night and a block of kids program early in the morning, but the bulk of programming are films from the MGM/UA library. Take a look at the motley crew airing over the next couple days.

Paths Of Glory and Inherit The Wind are solid classics, but the rest look to be crap. It’s hard to argue with free. But who doesn’t have something better to do than watch Cry For The Strangers with commercial interruptions? The fine folks at Weigel Broadcasting have put together some winners in the Chicago market, but they need to find some better content for This.

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