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Music Nerd: The Man of Bronze

Yeah, it's a tricone resonator guitar. And it's a lefty, which is a rarity indeed. And I love the baked-on bronze powder coat. And it's reasonably priced. So what's the holdup? Well, I'm thinking that I'd like the same thing, but in a squareneck model (for lap-style playing). So I'm continuing to harass Frank at Republic Guitars about making me a squareneck.

Squareneck tricones were the weapon of choice for a lot of the 1920s-1930s Hawaiian slide guitarists. There were three African-American bluesmen --- Casey Bill Weldon, Black Ace, and Oscar "Buddy" Woods --- who played the blues in this style. The sound is like a bluegrass dobro (invented by the same fella), but with less of a banjo-like initial attack. Incredible sustain, which is why they are ideal slide instruments.

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