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Figure Reviews: G.I. Joe Five Packs

After a very long wait, some G.I. Joe figures I ordered came in. Two new five packs are hitting the stores now. One has five Joes and the other, five Cobras.

These are overall nice sets. Some quick thoughts:

Hawk -- Not as nice as the single-carded version. His jacket is lighter and he's missing some of the finer details that makes him look cool. My new Hawk is already on eBay.

Flint -- GREAT version of this character. In the promo shots I was worried about the new face sculpt, but in person, it looks great. This is the definitive version. At least until the Hall of Heroes version comes out with appears to be slightly better.

Lady Jaye -- I was unimpressed with this figure. I prefer the version in the DVD Battle Pack #2. My new Lady Jaye is already on eBay.

Shipwreck -- I've never been a huge fan of this character. He's alright. The Village People approach to G.I. Joe sometimes annoys me. That said, this figure is a good interpretation of him. Better than the other two.

Snake Eyes -- I now have three Snake Eyes figures and I love all three of them. This new one is faithful to the cartoon appearance. He's solid black with gray accents. Love the sword and the angry wolf. Great figure.

Cobra Commander (Hooded) -- Decent figure. I like the hood sculpt. He comes with a cape which I have essentially tossed. I don't plan on selling him on eBay, but if I run across the single-carded version of Hooded Cobra Commander, I might make a switch.

Baroness -- Best Baroness figure ever. It's worth the cost of the set to get this figure alone.

Storm Shadow -- Another where the single-carded version is better. They paint his feet coverings gray instead of white. Had they been white, I might have kept him. As is, I'm listing him on eBay soon.

Zartan (pink chestplate) -- Couldn't decide if I was going to like him in looking at the promo shots before these sets came out. In person, he's great. Better face than the single-carded version. The pink chestplate is cartoon-accurate at times. The best thing to do though is get the black chestplate and put it on this figure. That makes the definitive Zartan.

Cobra Viper -- While I prefer the Cobra Troopers to Vipers, this Viper is really nice. The chrome app on the mask really seals the deal on this figure. Keeper.

Additional note: I have got to very strongly recommend not purchasing these, nor anything else, at EntertainmentEarth. The shipping rates are outlandish and it takes forever. When I brought this up with them, I was less than enthused with the customer service.

If this wasn't enough G.I. Joe for you (and I'm guessing it's been too much already), on Monday, there will be a "Test of Time" post where I look at the old G.I. Joe cartoons.

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