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Let The Right Walrus In


let_the_right_one_in_poster First of all, major props to our guy, Nick Digilio, for singing the praises of Let The Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in). If not for the Nick D Show Best Movies of 2008 wrap up, I would never have heard of the Swedish vampire flick, let alone watched it.

Great googly moogly, this movie is intense. The shocking moments are paced out just right to produce high drama and some seriously scary stuff. On top of that, any potential cheese is removed by portraying all the vampire details completely seriously.


I’ll avoid spoilers, since this is one of our more timely reviews. The story centers on the relationship that develops between an adolescent outcast, Oskar, and a 12 year old (looking) vampire, Ely. The plot is engaging, tight, and authentic. As someone who writes for a blog called Nerd Lunch, you probably could guess that I would connect to story about misfits. Though who would guess that sort of simpatico would also translate to Swedish vampires?


The film is shot beautifully. It captures the starkness of the nordic landscape and is extremely successful in keeping the tension high. I also like that the vampire elements are portrayed with necessary, but not gratuitous gore. Generally speaking the special effects are quite good, though there is one scene involving some cats which looks a bit off.

The soundtrack is fantastic as well. It features a nice classical score mixed some Swedish pop, both of which seem to pluck all the right emotional chords.


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Two hours well spent and, yes, I’d do it again.

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