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I say U.N.C.L.E.


Before the shark? Back in the fall, my wife and I began watching The Man from U.N.C.L.E. on one of our local UHF stations. The station was in the midst of season 1 and we were hooked by the surprisingly good spy stories and solid performances. My wife was probably also unduly influenced by her crush on David McCallum, but the important point is that we were both on board.

With that setup, we both were jazzed when the DVDs showed up at the local library. Since we had watched most of season 1, we picked up the season 2 discs. I figured since it was in COLOR it should be even more exciting than the first season. Not so much. The few episodes we watched were campy and Solo and Kuryakin demonstrated only slightly more spycraft than Bo and Luke Duke. Even the DVD liner notes read like an apology for jumping the shark.

Help me out, U.NC.L.E fans. Am I giving up too soon? Is there anything in the later seasons that recaptures the Ian Fleming vibe of the first season?

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