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This Day in Nerd Lunch History: May 6, 2004

I realize now that we're coming up on two years of posting here at Nerd Lunch and unless you know us, you may not know us. I figured the best way to really get to know who we are is by reading this note written by PLee on May 6, 2004:

CT, if there was ever a steel-drivin' contest, and it was you versus a two-ton metal steam-powered steel-drivin' machine, I would hock all of my worldly goods and put it all on you. And you would beat that machine, though your mighty heart burst, because that is who you are.

And then I would take some of my new fortune and see to it that Annaliese was trained by the finest soldiers, martial artists, and technologists, and when she was old enough she would hunt down and destroy all steel-drivin' machines everywhere, because that is who I am.

And Jeeg would be your shaker, CT, and hold that steel steady and true, and if in your exhaustion you missed and crushed his hands into paste, he would clutch that steel between his stumps until that machine was beaten, and then he would tear the steel-drivin' machine apart and use the scraps to build new robot hands, because that is who Jeeg is.

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