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<Insert name of your local attorney here>


Back in the days of the in-person nerd lunches, one of our favorite pieces of comedic fodder were commercials for a local law firm, Kanoski & Associates. The commercials were clearly done nationally with built-in breaks in which to drop the name of the local attorney. The original versions showed opposing counsel arrogantly discussing a case with actors’ mouths conveniently covered with a file folder, coffee mug, or other obstruction whenever the name of fearsome local attorney was said. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who got a laugh from those commercials.

Eventually the commercials were upgraded with more sophisticated mentions of the local attorney and an appearance by Napoleon Solo himself, Robert Vaughn. The newer versions didn’t have the same comedic value, though I did have the pleasure of seeing Vaughn shill for different attorneys when I left the state for grad school.

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