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Be Seeing You

While only 17 episodes (and of those, only 10 or so are good), the original Prisoner was compelling, thought-provoking television that came way ahead of its time. Patrick McGoohan produced, wrote and starred in this series about a former spy who was brought to a village in order to learn some secrets. It was very high-concept and had just the right type of eccentricity to inspire a cult-following.

While I don't consider myself a rabid fan, I do have a great respect for the series and think it to be the precursor to a great deal of television we have today. For example, without The Prisoner, we wouldn't have Lost. While I do have tremendous respect for it, I also have some issues with it. Mainly with the ending. I won't spoil it other than to say it left a lot to be desired.

After Doctor Who was successfully relaunched in 2005, the thought of a modern-day Prisoner reboot crossed my mind. And indeed there has been talk of a couple movie versions that never panned out. Now, AMC has finally released some footage from their upcoming remake of The Prisoner.

This footage winds up being a bit too long to be a great trailer, but it shows all the right things: What the new Village looks like, the rover, Number Six, Number Two, and most importantly, "I'm not a number, I'm a free man." I'm anxious to see this series and hope for a better conclusion this time around. With the star power behind this, I also hope the poignancy and gravitas comes with this series just like it did with the original.

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