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Figure Reviews: Assault on Cobra Island


Still haven't kicked the G.I. Joe habit. Hasbro is shifting the line over to the movie stuff and very little of that has my attention. But before they did that, they came up with two "final" 25th Anniversary sets. Each set is a seven pack and one is a Joe set and the other a Cobra set. The Cobra set really didn't interest me. The Strato-Viper is cool and I can see myself maybe trying to grab a Dr. Francois Mindbender off eBay someday, but all the wackily colored Vipers aren't my cup o' joe.

The Joe pack contained a couple figures I was interested in and now I'm finding I might have gotten more than I bargained for.

I bought this set primarily for Altitude who for all intents and purposes is actually Ripcord. Great figure and due to what appears to be a lot of unique molding, I'm thinking he might have been in the queue for an earlier release but got held back thanks to Marlon Wayans.

Probably the coolest feature about this figure is the big honkin' gun he comes with. Better than an accelerator suit.

Not sure why he looks like Brian Dennehy though.

Zap is a decent upgrade of the original although because the original was one of the first thirteen, he's a rather boring figure. Finally though, he has a mustache and since the Zap I had as a kid no longer had thumbs, I finally have a Zap with thumbs again.

Recondo was the other figure I was looking forward to. The hat is removable. Coincidentally though, he looks a bit like Harrison Ford sporting a mustache without the hat on.

This set contains a couple figures based on vintage figures I never owned nor really were aware of because I had stopped collecting. While I had heard of Chuckles and Outback, I had never heard of Hit and Run and figured all three of these might be prime candidates for selling. I've got to say, they've all made excellent cases for remaining on the CT Joe team. Lots of gear and cool specialties certainly make these guys worthy contributions to the team.

Outback is sporting a darker T-shirt than his vintage counterpart. This figure would be more in line with the Night Force variation. Doesn't bother me either way since Outback isn't a character I have any strong attachment to.

Finally, there's Wet-Suit. I always found this character (and most of the characters from the 1986 wave) to be redundant. There already was a diver (Torpedo). I guess now he had a friend. So I guess I wasn't too excited about this particular figure in this 7-pack. I would rather have had Low-Light. Beyond that, this figure wasn't quite as faithful to the vintage counterpart.

After opening the box and stripping him of his gear, my tune changed a little. I like the idea of this guy who's come up out of the water, ditched his gear and is ready for some action.

All-in-all, a good set. My biggest gripe is that the plastic used for these figures seems a little less sturdy that the previous figures in this line. And with the mix and match system they have going to build these, some of the parts don't quite fit together as well as they might have hoped.

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