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I remember when I first heard about the Sci-Fi Channel. I believe I was a freshman in high school and it was like a dream come true. A whole channel devoted to showing nothing but science fiction. "If I had that channel, I'd have the TV set to that all the time," I thought.

Too bad it was almost nothing but a complete disappointment since.

First, I could never get the channel. It was too specialized for the cable system we had to carry it. Then, my parents finally got DirectTV...just in time for me to go to college. It was during one summer while in college that I was able to videotape almost the entire Alien Nation series and then catch some Incredible Hulk and V episodes.

All my encounters with Sci-Fi would be frustrating. With millions of potential hours of science fiction movies and television series, I'd get to a hotel room or visit a friend that had it and something absolutely dreadful would be on like a Dark Shadows marathon or the movie Gulliver's Travels starring Ted Danson.

In my humble opinion, Sci-Fi's greatest achievement was the four-year (should have been five) run of Farscape and the two-part mini-series that concluded the series. If nothing else, Sci-Fi gave us that only to take it away.

For a brief period of time, I did finally have the Sci-Fi Channel. And the channel was saturated with horror movies and reality (sci-fi reality?) programming. Instead of having Sci-Fi on all the time, I'd more often land on the Food Network.

A year ago we moved and full cable did not move with us. And what have I missed? It wasn't Sci-Fi, it was ESPN and ESPN 2. And the 14-year-old in me cries.

I'm not saying they could do nothing right. They did also give us Battlestar Galactica and they brought to America the new Doctor Who. But for whatever reason, Sci-Fi and I could just never make anything happen together. My limited enjoyment of their programming has been largely through DVDs or other outlets.

As of today, Sci-Fi is no more. Now, in a reported effort to shed their "geek image", they are called SyFy. And instead of geeky, they just look plain silly.

And you know what, it still doesn't matter. That dream I thought had come true never came true in network form. Now, through Netflix, the internet, and what I happen to own, I can construct my own personal Sci-Fi Channel. And believe me, it's been well worth the eighteen year wait.

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