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Deep Steak Nine


Well, it's been a long road getting from there to here, but after a couple grueling months of the early seasons and the sheer delight of the later seasons, we've finally managed to make our way through the entire run of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I had intended to keep up with my progress here, but for a variety of reasons, I was unable to do that.

I have mentioned that Star Trek: The Next Generation is MY Star Trek and that will never change. I'm not sure I've made the comparison on Nerd Lunch before, but I have made the comment to others that I believe NextGen to be "sci-fi pizza." My feeling on pizza is that it is hard to make a lousy pizza. Throw bread, cheese and sauce together, and it's almost certainly going to be good. That said, it is possible to mess up pizza. Likewise, it's very difficult to make a really great pizza. I feel NextGen is much like that. Throw those characters together, it's hard to make a bad episode. But there aren't an overwhelming amount of GREAT episodes. So you have your deep dish Giordano's pizza in a show like "Best of Both Worlds" or "Inner Light," and you have a soggy leftover bagel pizza with "Shades of Grey."

Well, if NextGen is pizza, then Deep Space Nine is a steak dinner. Yes, you get that deep fried onion appetizer and it's kind of good at first, but you really just fill your system with grease and almost get sick and abandon the meal. And once you get to the meat of the meal, there's some gristle to chew through. But for the most part, seasons 4-7 is a nice piece of perfectly grilled rib eye. And now the meal is over and unlike most steak dinners I've eaten, I'm not full. I would love to have had more.

Instead of typing out a discourse, I thought I would give a list of a few of the things that I will miss about the show and look forward to watching again someday.

- Sisko yelling and/or talking about baseball
- Gul Dukat and Kira's tenuous and complicated relationship
- Chief and Bashir heading to the holosuite
- Quark saying, "Hew-mons"
- Odo pining for Kira (which I liked better than them actually being together)
- Worf using a mek'leth
- Jake-o and Nog getting into and out of trouble
- The awesome uniforms introduced in the mid-fifth season
- Garak
- The myriad supporting characters who were just as well-developed as the main characters
- The peppering of references to previous shows and movies
- Ronald D. Moore-written episodes

That's just the start. I can say with absolute certainty that Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the finest crafted Star Trek show ever produced. It flew under the radar in so many ways and as a result, got away with so much more.

I know it's been off the air for ten years, but thank you Ira Steven Behr, Ronald D. Moore and all the other people who put this amazing show together.

One final note: In an upcoming post, I intend to finally bring up the Babylon 5 v. Deep Space Nine issue. So get ready for that!

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