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Everything's Archie


When most people think of comic books, super heroes come to mind. Comics gave us Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and the Hulk, arguably five of the most popular characters in the world. While super heroes are the dominant force in comic books, a guy and his friends who live in a town called Riverdale have held their own since 1941.

There's something enduring about Archie Comics. And even though I've never really followed them, somehow I seem to know a lot about the Riverdale universe. While I doubt it was the first, this comic had to have been at least part inspiration for some of the things Jeeg and I would find as guilty pleasures later in life such as Saved By The Bell.

Perhaps the biggest contribution Archie Comics has given fandom is the classic argument "Betty v. Veronica." It seems like everyone has their opinion and generally, that opinion is strong. I have my own opinion about who Archie should choose, but the brilliance of the dilemma is that neither choice seems wrong...until it's been made. (I don't want to rehash the argument in this post, but feel free to give your opinion in the comments section here on the blog or on the Facebook fan page.)

I guess all of that to say, Archie Comics has been doing something for the past three years that has actually almost made me pick up a few issues. Starting in 2007, Archie Comics has been incorporating "New Look" stories into their comics. This series of stories have been setting aside the classic look of Archie and his pals in favor of a more realistic look by well-known comic artists. What has really piqued my interest is the current New Look story that is being drawn by Norm Breyfogle. Breyfogle is probably best known for his work on various Batman titles and has long been one of my favorites at drawing the Dark Knight.

My comic buying these days is so rare that you're more likely to see Bigfoot than you are to see me at a comic book shop counter, but for some reason, these are appealing.

Although, I'll probably just wait for the trade.

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