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I love it when a cast comes together.


The casting rumors regarding the A-Team movie have been circulating quite a bit recently. According to our stats, my Signing the Cast post about the A-Team is one of our more popular posts. Unfortunately, I'm 0 for 3 so far. Still, while I have my reservations, the current rumors aren't horrible. Liam Neeson as Hannibal...might be okay, but can he bring that controlled crazy to the role? Bradley Cooper as Faceman...has the looks, but can he bring the right level of swarminess to the role? Quentin "Rampage" Jackson as BA...looks great, but has this guy acted before? But then again, how much acting did Mr. T ever really do?

Still no word on Murdock as far as I can tell. Plee suggests Will Arnett who I have gladly thrown in the above graphic.

If the cast is reasonable, it's then all about the script. Will Hannibal be written correctly? Will the rumored 'Face as a villain' plotline be dropped? Will BA be able to be more than just a Mr. T clone? Will these guys be social misfits who together are something special?

Only time will tell if the plan comes together.

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