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It's not a doll! It's an ACTION FIGURE! (part 2)

I listed primarily Sideshow Toys in the last post. While Sideshow has been a dominant force in these types of collectibles, in recent years, a new company has emerged out of Hong Kong that puts everyone to shame. Hot Toys makes dolls that are so realistic, you'd think they have souls. There are several I am quite impressed with, but I'll only highlight three.

Hot Toys Aliens
Hot Toys has primarily movie lines. One of their big properties is the Alien line, but they also have Predator, Terminator and several more. I can't see buying this Alien figure and ever being able to sleep again.

Hot Toys Iron Man
Don't mix up this figure and the movie suit, you might not ever figure out which is the real one again.

Hot Toys Joker
If you're wondering who should play The Joker in the next Batman movie, I got your guy right here. It's this doll. He looks so much like the Heath Ledger Joker, it's insane. More insane than The Joker even.

What's even more crazy is that Hot Toys has taken articulation to a whole new level. Now you can move their eyes. Sheesh, I remember when swivel arms on G.I. Joes were a big deal.

Again, Marc has pictures of some Hot Toys figures from The Dark Knight. He doesn't have the new creepy-eyed Joker yet, but the two he has (along with Batman) look really good.

Hey CT, what about the ladies? Well, good point. There are a lot of great action figures/dolls in this scale of guys, robots, and monsters but do the lady figures work as well? Sideshow made a pretty decent Buffy line that had some good Buffy, Faith and Willow figures. There's also the premium format Slave Leia figure from Star Wars.

The problem must be that the gal figures tend to be of characters who show more skin. So the girl figures look funny because of all the awkward joints and stuff.

There's one set of figures that I ran across that seems to have circumvented that for the most part.

I don't really know anything about the Cy-Girls. Appears to be based on a video game or something. I first heard about them when running across a set of customized action figure pictures by "Monkeyhead." The Supergirl figure he did looks great. And even the less-covered Wonder Woman figures he has done look okay in spite of the joints.

In looking closer at all these toys, I'll definitely grant you there are some cool things here. And argue all you want that they're action figures, to me, they're still dolls.

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