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Reimagining Doc Savage

I've said some harsh things about SyFy's new Phantom reboot, but I have a couple of equally questionable pitches for my favorite pulp hero . . .

Pitch #1: The Smallville pitch

Clark Savage, Jr., age 22, is the best there is at what he does . . . and he does it all. An extraordinarily gifted athlete, scientist, and surgeon, he's just back from service in Afghanistan.
When his billionaire father is killed under mysterious circumstances, Clark and five incredibly talented friends launch a crusade against evil that will take them to the four corners of the earth and beyond...

So the hero comes of age, which is something we never saw in the Doc novels. Add a little "Alias" post-James Bond espionage, a little X-Files/Fringe conspiracy/paranormal, and a lot of Warren Ellis / Alan Moore kinda modern comic book science.

Primary supporting cast includes Monk and Ham, a couple of young officers he knows from the war (probably a nuclear/biological/chemical warfare guy, and a Harvard law grad turned intelligence officer, respectively). Maybe Cousin Pat, too?

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