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Hatter Entertainment

Although it's been a while, every so often I like to point out some cool artist I find out there on the internets. The one I'm mentioning in this post is one I've "refound."

As I may have mentioned before, almost 12 years ago, I interned at Marvel Comics in the editorial department. It was a good time and I met a lot of really cool people while I was there. Thanks to the internet, I've been able to keep in touch and/or reconnect with some of those cool people.

One such cool person was Gregg Schigiel. He was Tom Breevort's assistant editor and was (and continues to be) an illustrator. While he hasn't turned into a huge household name in comics, it's likely you've seen his work if you've been collecting comics over the past 12 years or so.

While at Marvel, I worked for the great dynamic duo of Tim Tuohy and Julio Soto who were the editor and assistant editor respectively on a wide variety of comics including some of the Star Trek titles, Daredevil, the never-launched Micronauts comic, and Marvel Vision. After I got there, they told me that Marvel had lost the Star Trek license and that Marvel Vision had been canceled. I felt like the harbinger of publication death. Anyway, I still got to work on the final issues of those titles and it was great experience.

In the final issue of Marvel Vision, Gregg had been asked to draw a picture of everyone in editorial dressed up as Marvel Comics characters. There was debate about whether to include the interns. During the debate, I put my request in to be Namor. Ultimately, it was decided to not include the interns. Still, a fun piece and something I'm glad to have to remember my time there.

However, Tim decided to include me on a separate page and asked Gregg for a headshot drawing of me. Gregg went one better and drew me as "Prince Carlinor." (Sorry for the poor image quality on this, I have misplaced my scan. I'll try to rescan this some day.)

Gregg looks to have done lots of work since that time and has a website you can check out called Hatter Entertainment.

I remember Gregg's subtle, wry sense of humor. He appears in a pretty funny set of videos on YouTube that captures that perfectly, the first one being this one:

Thanks again, Gregg. I know it's been almost 12 years, but that piece of art still hangs in my office area near my comic book collection.

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