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It's not easy wearing green.

When it comes to picking clothes, I'm a pretty plain guy. I typically gravitate towards khaki pants and a pullover. I don't wear stripes, plaid or any other patterns. And the colors I pick are generally pretty drab...black, gray, navy, that sort of thing. My wife found a bunch of pullovers on sale one day and called me to ask me what colors I wanted. She told me of a particular blue that she thought I might be interested in. Without seeing it in person, my only guidance was to ask her, "Can you picture a Klingon wearing this color?" The answer was no, so I told her to put it back.

One of my other quirks is that I don't wear green. I have no explanation for it. Maybe it has something to so with Kermit's famous song and the fact I don't like things that aren't easy. I don't know. I just am not a fan of the color green in general and especially not as an item of clothing on me.

Well, there are now two exceptions:

1. My G.I. Joe T-shirt -- I got this at Christmas last year and I dig the faded logo style on this shirt.
2. My Mountain Dew sleep pants -- I got these today for my birthday and dig the irony that comes with the logo of a highly caffeinated beverage on a pair of pants for sleeping in.

Between having a family, working full-time and going to grad school part-time, my nerd interests aren't getting the time and attention I used to pay to them. But collecting G.I. Joe action figures is a pretty passive hobby actually. And there's always time for drinking Mountain Dew even during all the other activities I listed.

So, in celebration of both things I love, I present this picture of me wearing green from head to toe.

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