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My recent post where I talked about setting up my friend with Nightwing led me on a search for Nightwing images where I stumbled across this one:

Yes, much laughter ensued in my house.

Then I followed a link and stumbled upon the Spandexman site. More laughter ensued. My personal favorite is the Captain Marvel costume and creepy guy in it.

This whole cosplay is something that I guess I've never understood. I have a pretty good imagination, but imagining that I look good in tights falls outside of my abilities.

Admittedly, there are some really good looking costumes people have made. And while this level of nerdin' is a few steps beyond writing fan fiction in my book, more power to them. Who am I to judge? As long as you don't let your nerd interests consume your life and interfere with your family and stuff, have at it!

Just don't expect me not to laugh, okay?

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