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Transformers: Revenge of the Walrus

When it gets right down to it, I could almost copy my review for Transformers 1 and paste it here. To review what I said in my review for that one, I want from a Transformers movie the following things:

1. Cars that turn into robots.
2. Robots that turn into cars (or other vehicles).
3. Robots fighting.
4. Cars racing.

This again has all of those things (though there's not quite as much racing in this one). If you hated the first movie, you'll be sure to hate this one, too. If you liked the first one...this was just more of that. If you're expecting a plot or something, find a different movie. This is COMPLETELY MINDLESS and it was great.

That said, I can't give it a solid story score as there isn't a plot. Also, I'd like to have seen less of Sam's parents and those scenes either replaced with more robots fighting or more Megan Fox. In addition, I question why they added so many cool robots and then didn't feature them as much as the somewhat annoying twins.

This was classic Michael Bay. Gratuitous. Exaggerated. Visual overload. I can't stand his other movies, but with these Transformers movies, he gives me exactly what I want.

I gave Transformers 1 a perfect 5 in presentation, but some things did seem to detract a bit. Maybe it's just that I wasn't blown away by the effects as I was with the first one since I had already seen the basics. There was some really cool stuff though and lots of great robots fighting scenes. Devastator alone could almost land it the perfect 5.

And props to them for casting Tony Todd as the voice of 'The Fallen.' I love Tony Todd and I wish he'd get more work.



About halfway into watching this movie, I began regretting that I had bought it and not just borrowed or rented it. I thought, there's no way I'm going to watch this again. By the end, I changed my tune. In fact, I think I could watch it again right now. So, I'll go ahead and give it the rewatchable, but I could change my tune on this someday.

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