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Big Blue Walrus Movie


avatar_preview_poster Don’t cry for me, Internet. The truth is I never left you. I just had to work A LOT and travel over the past month. However, I did get to see that Avatar movie all the kids are talking about. I’ll keep this post brief and spoiler free since there may be two people left in North America, including CT, who haven’t seen this flick.


Run the scripts for Pocahontas, Zulu, Titanic, and Aliens through a blender and you‘d probably end up with the plot for Avatar. You could also end up something where Michael Caine fights his way across a luxury liner crawling with aliens in order to be with the cartoon love of his life, but that sounds more like a Signing The Cast post for another time. Anyway, the story is adequately constructed, but I found it to be very predictable and WAY too long.


Presentation is clearly what Avatar is about. The cinematography is solid and the special effects are simply amazing. I did not see the movie in 3D or IMAX, but it’s a visual treat even on a conventional theater screen. The acting performances are mediocre, though most of the characters don’t provide much depth for the actors to work with.


walruswalrus walrus_half


walruswalruswalrus walrus



I wouldn’t pay movie ticket prices to see it again, but I will rent Avatar when it drops on DVD/Blu-ray. Beyond experiencing the special effects again, I’d like to be able to pay more attention to the universe Cameron has created.

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