Mount Rushmore of Nerdom

Mount Rushmore is really an impressive piece of work. I've never seen it in person, but I think someday I'd like to.  It is a monument to four presidents who represented the first 150 years of American history and were chosen because they preserved or expanded the country in some way.

Every so often you hear this term bandied about..."Who would be on the 'Mount Rushmore of ________?'" Maybe it's sports or meat science.  That's not us.  Over the next four days, Nerd Lunch will present the "Mount Rushmore of Nerdom."  Who are the four people that represent Nerdom's preservation or expansion?  What four faces symbolically encompass all of Nerdom?

The answers await you over the next four days but before then, I want to hear from you.  Who do you think belongs on the Mount Rushmore of Nerdom?  Will your answers be the same as mine?  Stay tuned!


Todd said...

This was a tough question, but I think I finally came up with four good choices.

Stan Lee--'nuff said

Joss Whedon--While I've not watched anything by Whedon (I know, how can I truly be a nerd?), I know a lot of nerds who have and of course the shows he's worked on are a big deal

George Lucas--his writing can be terrible and his directing is often atrocious, but man this guy can offer a visual and aural masterpiece and the original Star Wars was awesome!

Gene Roddenberry--Not only did Roddenberry create the ur-text for science fiction movies and television, his product has produced the rabid fandom that is so stereotypical of nerd culture.