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The Fellowship of the Ring


NWA SupremeProfessional wrestling had been a huge part of my life over the past 25 years and easily one of my most intense hobbies. While you’d never know that from the rare wrestling posts here, I used to spend hundreds of hours and dollars every year on wrestling telecasts, live events, and merchandise. But for several years my interest has steadily waned. There has been no singular reason, but the tipping point clearly was the failure of World Championship Wrestling and the subsequent Invasion angle with the Weekend at Bernie’s versions of WCW and ECW.

Fortunately, I’m still able to get my sports entertainment fix from the occasional indie wrestling show. For the uninitiated, indie wrestling promotions are the minor leagues compared to WWE or TNA. The shows often take place in bars or high school gymnasiums and the wrestlers often have day jobs at Jiffy Lube or working construction. Indie wrestling promotions are also places where guys get paid gas money or nothing at all, where most fans still cheer for the faces (good guys), and where the classic tricks of the trade are still employed.

A couple weeks back my buddy, Big Dan Greenup, and I were able to attend an NWA Supreme event in downstate Illinois. The steel cage main event was a bit anticlimactic, but the rest of the card was solid and the crowd was a lively mix of shut-ins and smarks like us. NWA Supreme even pulled out the rarely seen gimmick of a heel ring announcer. It was a fun evening and reminded my why I haven’t completely given up on pro wrestling. I may not be able to call myself a fan at this point, but I may again someday.

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