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Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Note from CT: I'm honored to have known the man/myth/legend who submitted the following review for our site. Krebz is an expert on many things "nerd" and has passed along the following review of the upcoming Justice League movie due out tomorrow. How has he seen it already?! He's seen it because he's "Krebz!"

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

"Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" is the latest animated feature based on the DC comics universe.  After last year's excellent "Superman Batman: Public Enemies" blew me away, I expected "Crisis" to be a fast-paced, action-packed thrillride, full of humor, drama, fistfights and explosions, with nods to some classic Justice League comic book moments.  And that is exactly what I found.

Based on many classic DC comics which pit the Justice League against their "evil" counterparts from an alternate Earth, the Crime Syndicate, the movie opens with the "good" Lex Luthor and the Jester breaking through some heavy security to steal a key.  Luthor uses the stolen key to escape into the Justice League's dimension.  There, he hopes to enlist their aid in returning with him to stop the Crime Syndicate once and for all.  Of course they agree to help, but they are immediately attacked upon returning to Luthor's Earth, by Owlman and his team of super bad guys.  Batman realizes Owlman wants the key, not just to rule the Justice League's Earth, but to destroy every dimension utterly.

There are some fantastic fight scenes in this movie.  One of the most memorable fights takes place in a cloudy sky, and involves all the characters who can fly.  Seeing the Crime Syndicate versions of various DC superheroes was fun.  Owlman's team is comprised of versions from the Detroit-era League, including Halo and Gypsy.  Superwoman's team of Made Men reminded me of the Shazam family.  Even the "Year One" Justice League team showed up, with an appearance by Aquaman, who seems to have something to prove.  Some elements of Grant Morrison's "JLA: Earth 2" can be found, such as Superwoman's romance with Owlman.

It is somewhat impressive to have well-known actors giving voice to the characters, but if the actor's strength isn't in his voice, then the movie suffers.  James Wood's Owlman slurs his words so much you might think he nipped from a flask between scenes.  William Baldwin as Batman just doesn't have the gravitas of Kevin Conroy.  And Mark Harmon's Superman had me longing for the bland but stern Tim Daly.  However, while Chris Noth is no Clancy Brown, Noth's turn as Lex Luthor, along with Gina Torres' portrayal of Superwoman, are the two most exciting performances in the movie.

In all, the movie has a great story, some awesome battles, sly in-jokes and subtle references to DC history.  And even though I had some issues with miscast actors, the performances here are all solid.  This film doesn't raise the bar any higher than was already set by "Public Enemies," but it maintains that level consistently throughout.  I enjoyed "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths" more than I had anticipated.  It leaves me with the hope that another "Crisis" movie will be made, this time concerning "multiple Earths."

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is available in a single disc DVD, a double disc DVD, and Blu-ray.

If you want to read more from Krebz, check out his blog, The Defiance Log.

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