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This Post is not Wrestlicious


Wrestlicious Baby!As I mentioned a few weeks back, I still jones for rasslin’ entertainment from time to time. Since neither WWE nor TNA do much for me, I stay on the lookout for alternatives. A few years back the all too brief run of Wrestling Society X really hit the spot. It was way over the top, tongue in cheek, and just a lot of fun. With hope that it might deliver the same, I checked out the first episode of the women’s wrestling show Wrestlicious.

Women’s wrestling isn’t my cup of tea and never has been (apologies to Moolah and the GLOW girls), but the back story alone warranted checking it out. The real life founder of Wrestlicious and on-screen owner, Jay Vargas aka JV Rich, is the youngest Powerball lottery winner in history. Vargas decided to use some of his $17 million payout to fulfill his lifelong dream of running a pro-wrestling promotion. Seriously. That investment plan is about as smart as just flushing the money down the toilet, but God bless Mr. Vargas for living the dream.

After many delays in finding a broadcast outlet, the pilot episode debuted two weeks ago on networks I have never heard of and which I refuse to believe are real, MavTV and BiteTV in Canada. Luckily for this review, the episodes are also available for streaming on the InterWeb.

The show takes a completely old school approach to characters featuring a farmer’s daughter, pop star, cheerleader, surfer, matador, and others. Mixed with the wrestling matches are plenty of T&A, comedy skits of Hee Haw quality, and an overused laugh track. The matches I saw ranged from terrible to mediocre, but the play-by-play is an absolutely unbearable stream of puns and sexual innuendo.

In total, it’s a groan worthy 22 minutes. Though I may be back for further viewings nonetheless. After all, CT and I did watch Cleopatra 2525 back in the day.

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