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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Kronos Deli Mediterranean Chef Gyros


A few years back I moved away from the Nerd Lunch ancestral home and one of our favorite places on earth, Niro’s Gyros. Though unlike CT, I moved closer to the Chicago sphere of influence and didn’t expect to have any trouble finding good gyros in my new locale. After all, a quick perusal of Grease Freak shows no shortage of greasy goodness in Chicago.

How wrong I was. Despite trying six different gyro stands in my area, I’ve not yet found anything to rival Niro’s. I intend to continue my great gyro hunt, but several weeks ago the local grocery provided an interim savior.

Mmmm... gyrosKronos Products, the main provider of gyro products to restaurants, offers a frozen food kit with the core ingredients required to make 6 gyros. The box includes:

I picked up some onions and tomatoes and then was ready for some gyro hossin’ in the comfort of my own home. I was skeptical as I started preparations, but the end results were surprisingly delicious. The kit ingredients are good quality and, like homemade pizza, the ability to tailor the amount of meat and toppings to taste makes it even better. The gyros weren’t as good as Niro’s, but they were awfully close.

Mmmm... gyros

There are only two negatives to the Kronos kit.

  1. 25 slices of meat isn’t enough for 6 Jeeg sized gyros. I ended up with about 4 complete gyros, a wimpy half-filled gyro, and a lonely leftover pita.
  2. It doesn’t come with a deep fryer. I currently don’t have a way to make restaurant quality french fries at home, so the tasty gyros have to be paired with oven baked Ore-Ida fries or some other side.

Even with my minor quibbles, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Kronos Mediterranean Chef Gyro Kit. It’s an especially good option for those poor souls like CT who live in a gyro desert. As soon as my arteries clear out, I’ll head back for another box.

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