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How I Watch TV

Firefly was the greatest 14 episode television series ever made. As if Friday evening wasn't already good enough, that one hour of television turned Friday evening into something magical. Yeah, I watched it when it aired beginning with "The Train Job" and going all the way through to "Serenity." (Talking aired order here, not actual episode order.)

When FOX canceled Firefly, they not only killed the production of what could have been the greatest TV show ever made, but they killed my desire to ever love appointment television again. The loss of Firefly was so huge, that ever since then, I have changed the way I watch television.

There were several TV series that I never caught when they originally aired that I watched on DVD. With an ever-varying schedule and inability to rely on VCRs or the local WB affiliate, I didn't watch Buffy (and subsequently Angel) until it made its way to DVD. Sitting down and watching an entire season of a show over the course of a few days was awesome. Beyond not having to watch commercials, compacting the time it took to tell the story helped my overall appreciation of the story. Little bits that were setting up things for future episodes weren't as easily forgotten had I been watching with weeks or months long gaps between episodes.

And waiting for the series to get some footing before watching means that I am not going to have my heart broken about a cancellation as easily as before. Or at the very least, I can go into it knowing that my time with this show is limited.

More importantly, I am free from the shackles of appointment television. Sure, there were VCRs and DVRs, but in my experience, those devices are evil and only look to not function and the more opportune moment. Or even worse, they only work as well as the person operating them. So now, if someone wants to schedule a meeting or a get-together at the same time my favorite show comes on, it doesn't matter because I'm not bound by the chains of time or equipment. I'll catch that show on DVD or Blu-ray later.

Sure, potentially months later. And the biggest downside to waiting like this is fighting off the spoilers. I'll tell you now, the next four months are going to be a struggle. My wife and I just finished watching the first five seasons of Lost on Blu-ray. Magnificent Blu-ray. Season 6 is scheduled to come out at the end of August. We will be engaged in a battle to fend off spoilers until we can get season 6 out of the mailbox and into our Blu-ray player.

I say all of this to get to this point...

You don't likely watch TV the way I do. That's fine. I'm not advocating one way is better than the other, just that I have a preference. But please don't say anything to me about how Lost ends until sometime in September when I give the all-clear. I know that I put myself in this position because of the way I watch TV, but please, please, please, just be mindful.

Thank you and happy viewing.

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