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The Cockroach of Bacons


It probably isn’t surprising that someone who writes on a blog called Nerd Lunch is on the Think Geek mailing list. Some of their stuff is even too nerdy for me, but I usually get a chuckle out of a few things in every catalog. This time around my eye gravitated towards this:

Tactical Bacon

Tac Bac: Tactical Bacon in a Can

A little over a half pound of fully cooked bacon sealed into a can with a 10 year shelf life. Brought to you by the fine folks at CMMG, showing that they’re more than just assault rifles and ammunition.

At $15 plus shipping, it’s a pricey bit of cured meat. Though our buddy Dirty Dave should have it and a Batter Blaster on hand for that final breakfast during the zombie apocalypse.

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