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I Hate Mountains


I probably do hate mountains, though my geologic preferences really aren’t important. What is important is that everyone’s favorite zombie killing biker, Francis from Left 4 Dead, hates mountains just like everything else. Unfortunately for Francis, he and the other survivors find themselves in zombie infested mountains and woods in a new fan created campaign.

I Hate Mountains PosterI Hate Mountains comes from the same team that created the popular Portal mod, Portal: Prelude. The team’s objective was to create an add-on that lived up to the original game content by Valve and they succeeded. In fact, I Hate Mountains easily matches the four campaigns included in Left 4 Dead 1 and surpasses the official Crash Course DLC campaign from Valve. The gameplay is challenging, the crescendo events are fresh, the atmosphere is right in line with the original game, and there are Chicago Ted references a plenty. Gamers who enjoyed Left 4 Dead on the PC (sorry, Xbox 360 fans) owe it to themselves to grab a copy.

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