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G.I. Joe: Resolutification, part Cobra


Last night, like a guy who just got back from vacation ready to show off his slide show, I subjected you to pictures of my new G.I. Joe figures. Today, we repeat that, but this time, I'll be yelling "COBRA!" while I do it.

Hasbro already released a version of this figure that was just like this. The only difference between this and the earlier version (that I can tell) is that this comes with a cool knife. There are probably other minor variations, but I'm not going to get out the microscope and compare.

Despite being Scottish, the Resolutified Destro has a Nazi motif going on. The cartoon character was very tall and bulky, but this figure doesn't have that heft. The head doesn't seem that different from the 25th Anniversary Destro figure. Also, for some reason, this figure comes with a robot arm. Despite not really understanding why, I give it points for that because robot arms are cool.

The worst figure of the entire 14 I got yesterday. I can't fault the figure because I think the design of the character is to blame. I'm not sure what they were trying to achieve with this design, but it doesn't work for me.

An awesome figure. Best of the 14 figures and the best Zartan figure ever made. What else can I say?

Nice touch on the removable hood. It's a pretty straightforward and simplified version with is the opposite of all the other Resolute designs.

In some ways, it's surprising that they made this figure because his appearance in the show was so brief. This figure also has a more simplified look which sort of flies in the face of the way I see him. Also, he winds up being very similar in style to the Alley-Viper which, to me, indicates that he was a really awesome trooper that rose up through the ranks and got to have his own persona. Not sure if that's the case, but it's my take on it.

I much prefer the previously released Resolute Cobra Trooper to this guy, but this guy is cool, too. I didn't take pictures, but the helmet and goggles are removable. Nice addition to the Cobra troop set I've got going in my collection.

This figure was just a re-release of the first Major Bludd figure with the Cobra Commander dagger sticking out of his chest. Pretty inventive if you ask me. And also totally false. I made this one up to see if you were still reading. But you're not.

Unfortunately the G.I. Joe Resolute cartoon does not seem to be returning. Instead a new G.I. Joe Renegades cartoon is coming out that is based heavily on The A-Team. Oh well. Renegades might be cool, but despite its faults, I'll always think fondly of Resolute, this one little series that proved the G.I. Joe property really is cool and could be a creative success if placed in the right hands.

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