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G.I. Joe: Resolutification


As you are probably well aware if you frequent this blog, you'll know that I have an unhealthy, nostalgic love for G.I. Joe action figures. I don't apologize for it. Well, I do to my wife a bit.

In the mail today I received a new batch of figures from this oh so awesome G.I. Joe line. These figures are based on the short G.I. Joe Resolute web series. When Hasbro shut down the 25th Anniversary line in favor of the movie line, some figures based on the web series got shelved. But fans clamored and Hasbro saw a way to make some of my money and released two boxed sets of G.I. Joe Resolute boxed sets each with a whopping seven figures.

Today, I'll share with you pictures and some brief thoughts on my Joe set, tomorrow I'll share with you my Cobra set.

There was a "regular" Resolute Duke figure released already but this is a nice variant showing Duke in "Hoth Gear" which comes from a couple of the episodes. I like this figure a lot and he'll go nice with my Snow Job and Arctic Snake Eyes.

This probably winds up being my least favorite figure of the bunch (from the Joe set at least). Nothing beats the 25th Anniversary version of the character. I like the outfit and the Resolutification of it, but her head seems too large maybe.

This is a repaint of the City Strike Snake Eyes that has already been released. The cool thing about this version is his Batman gear. Although, that's not enough for me to keep him. I'll be listing this figure on eBay. Sorry Snake, but eight is enough.

My favorite Joe character was translated to the Resolute style and I couldn't be happier with the look. They kept the black beret, the gloves and the shotgun shell-packed straps. Love it!

Very nice update for this often over-looked character. Another character with a beret (now if they would only make Dial-Tone) and the updated version has dreadlocks...

This is a pretty faithful Resolutification, but the design almost seems like a "why bother" since it's not all that different from the original. Nice figure, but a Wild Bill or a Shipwreck might have been a cooler addition to this set.

When I saw the pictures of this set, Roadblock didn't really click with me. And this mold was used on a Rise of Cobra figure that I passed on. Although, seeing it in person now, I really like it. Especially in relation to the other figures. He's larger and bulkier and comes with some great gear.

All in all, I'm pleased with this set and now have to scramble to find shelf space so I can display these figures.

Here's a shot where I've swapped out Duke and Snake Eyes and included the Gung-Ho from the Rise of Cobra line that was based on the Resolute look.


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