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Nerd Lunch Comic Con

I've been mentioning the "Nerd Lunch Comic Con" on Twitter now for a few days. The NLCC was my response to the San Diego Comic Con and not being able to go and participate in all the cool stuff that's happening. I've been to a few conventions in my days, but never to "the big kahuna." A few years ago (pre-kids), my wife and I kicked around the idea but decided against it. Now, with all my obligations, it's not in the cards to go to SDCC or any of the other major conventions for a while.

But, that didn't stop me from trying to host my own. Take a look at this video for the results.

In all seriousness though...

It was quite a bit of fun tweeting about this over the past few days. In the video, I tried to mention everybody who played along including:

• The Atomic Geeks (individually they are: @theatomicgeeks, @hunkburger, @atomicgeekdowns, @poopymanhere, @markdury)

There were a couple people who jumped in on the retweets and fun after the video was finished. Sorry I wasn't able to mention you in the video @Delirium_Comics and @robocake33.

Thanks to Bill Wiist (@wiist) for allowing me to make some jokes using his name.

It is my pleasure to mention that the music at the beginning of the video is by Michael Calienes.

Big thanks to Scott Holstein (@scottholstein) and John Kimber (not on Twitter) for taking some time out of their day to be a part of the video. And big thanks to my wife (@StitchedbyJanay) and kids for playing along and being genuinely supportive by appearing unsupportive in the video.

And hey, it's not "Follow Friday," but that's going to stop me from mentioning that if you are on the Twitter, you should be following all of those people I mentioned.

It was fun to put together and I hope you enjoyed it.

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