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(Nerd) Lunch Special: CT's Breakfast Skillet

In celebration of the fact I have the day off today, I thought I'd share this little breakfast or brinner-time meal I like to make. It's pretty easy although there's potentially a lot going on at once so you have get your timing right.

First, get yourself a bag of those frozen biscuits and stick a few in the oven. You could also do canned biscuits, but the frozen ones are better. That's going to give you about 20 minutes to get the rest of it together. Plenty of time...

Brown a pound of country sausage, I toss in onions and green peppers as well.

Next, take three potato cake hash browns and lay them right on top of your browned ground sausage and then cover your skillet.

Give it a couple minutes and your frozen hash browns will become soft. Start breaking them up and mix them into your sausage.

Cook that a little longer and then get out some eggs. I typically use five or six eggs. Break them and stir them into your sausage and hash brown mixture.

Somewhere in there, you're going to want to begin making gravy. I mean that literally. I just use a gravy packet, but if you want to get crazy and make your own, that'd probably be even better.

If you've timed it all right, the eggs are getting finished at the same time your gravy is thickening...

...and your biscuits are ready to take out of the oven.

To serve, grab a bowl, open a biscuit and place said biscuit at the bottom of said bowl.

Next, scoop out some of the sausage, hash brown egg mix on top of the biscuit.

Pour gravy over everything.

Top with chives, red pepper flakes or whatever cool garnish you can come up with.


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