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Time for a Change

If you're here, but not for the first time, you may notice a slight bit of redecorating has happened here at this fine Nerd Lunch establishment. Thank you "Rounders" template for being with us the last few years. You've done a marvelous job, but it's time for something new. As we continue to expand content and make tweaks, we welcome any feedback.

I also want to thank Bill Wiist again for the art he drew that served as our little avatars on the side since the beginning. It's still located in the About the Nerds page. However, we have new, more toonier art thanks to artist Marc L. Thomas. He contributed the new art of the "Nerd Lunch Trio" and we all love it.

Hey, we just passed post #350 a couple posts back and we've been doing this blog for just over three years now. We didn't stop to make a big deal about either occasion. Maybe it's not really a big deal, but I'll make a big deal of it anyway. When Jeeg had the idea to convert our daily e-mailing into this blog, I thought it was brilliant. I love this place and the ability to interact with my nerd buddies and everyone else who stops by and comments. I love what we've built here and do have hopes and dreams to expand it further in the days ahead.

The blog is the root of what we do, but in the time since starting, social media has exploded in the form of Facebook and Twitter. I particularly enjoy all the great fun I've had on Twitter connecting with new folks around the world. The regular Nerd Lunch Twitter account has just passed 800 followers. I don't say that to brag. In fact, I find it a bit humbling to think that 800 people have chosen to allow what I say into their personal Twitter feed. If you follow @nerdlunch, thank you.

Jeeg is also on the Twitter and tweets once in a blue moon of Endor. You can follow @nerdlunchjeeg for all the wackiness that he delivers. PLee is not on the Twitter, but maybe someday we'll convince him to join. We have a Facebook page as well. Occasionally we'll post an extra goody there. Swing on by and "Like" us. And, we have a YouTube page, a  Tumblr page, and a Foodspotting page as well. Those aren't really going full swing yet, but they're there and some content is there already.

Oh, and we have a store on Printfection. Buy a shirt or something and show off how big a fan you are of this site and what we do here.

And one more thing... I have been invited to be on this week's Atomic Geeks podcast. Look for episode 84 coming this week!

Whew. All that writing made me hungry. Off to find lunch.

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