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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Five Guys Burgers and Fries


Five Guys Burgers and Fries is another regional burger chain which has garnered loyal fans and high praise. Sort of like In-n-Out Burger, except originating on the east coast instead of the west. Unlike In-n-Out, Five Guys has opened a location in my neighborhood and I was able to drop in for a Nerd Lunch Special without buying a plane ticket.




The burgers at Five Guys are made-to-order with any of 15 toppings of your choosing. I ordered a standard hamburger (which is 2 patties) with pickle, tomato, onion, mayo, and mustard. The burger tasted like a good pan fried burger I would make at home and that’s a compliment. High quality beef with the right amount of fat and fresh toppings made for a tasty burger.



Five Guys fanatics seem to rave as much about the fries as the burgers. Make no mistake, the fries are very good, but they’re no better than other fresh cut fries I’ve had. If you’re used to frozen french fries from McDonald’s or Burger King, you’ll be impressed. If you have a local place which serves fresh cut/hand cut fries, Five Guys should be on par with those. I was rightly warned about the size of the fries orders; a regular size order easily eclipses a large order from most fast food joints.


Other Factors

While the meal was quite good, the non-food factors are where Five Guys fell short. My biggest issue was cost. My hamburger and order of fries (without a drink) cost nearly $9. Maybe you get what you pay for, but much better bang for the buck can be had at a variety of other places.


Speed was another issue during my visit.  My order took about 10 minutes to prepare. I was dining on a Saturday afternoon with no appointments to keep, but I would think twice about driving over for a workday lunch or picking up some carryout after work.


Five Guys does deliver the high quality burger experience they claim, but not without drawbacks. I’ll probably visit Five Guys again at some point, but my favorite mom and pop fast food place doesn’t need to worry about losing my regular business.

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