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On Twitter, @Hunkburger, @theroseinbloom, and I were just discussing nerdy Christmas ornaments  and I thought I'd post pictures of the nerdy ornaments that grace our family Christmas tree.

Here are the requisite super heroes fending off evil...

My favorite of the super hero ornaments though, just might be this one I bought for my daughter two years ago:

I also have a couple Muppets represented on the tree, although, neither are mine. The Kermit is also my daughter's and the Cookie Monster is my wife's.

Because we have a near two-year-old running around this Christmas, the 1977 Gorham Sesame Street resin ornaments did not make it on the tree this year. You can see what they look like here.

Finally, the "nerd icon of Christmas" is on our tree. Rudolph, the much maligned reindeer who ultimately comes back to save the day (every nerd's wish), hangs on the tree as well.

And, that's it really. Because I have to share the tree with others in the household who have non-nerd interests and I'd much rather invest in nerd merchandise that is on display all year, I don't have a whole lot of nerd ornaments. Other than my Serenity ornament (see below) that sits on my desk instead of hangs on the tree, I don't have any space ship ornaments. That seems to be a gaping hole in my ornament collection. I guess Jeeg has that covered though.

What about you? What nerd ornaments hang on your Christmas tree?

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