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The Cape: Use It to Cover Your Eyes


cape_promoOut of curiosity and some friendly goading by our buddy Jack, I watched the pilot episode of The Cape that aired a couple Sundays back. NBC has been promoting the hell out of this show and pitching it as a superhero drama that’s accessible to mainstream audiences.  You would think that a caped crusader, Summer Glau, and Keith David would make for a show with potential. I wish I could say it delivered.


Jack has a good synopsis of the show in his blog post, but the premise is pretty simple. In order to take private control over a city’s police force, a billionaire mogul promotes crime and sets up a straight laced policeman to take the fall as a criminal mastermind. After being trained by a group of circus performers, the honest cop assumes the persona of the superhero The Cape and fights for justice and for his old life he had to leave behind to protect his family. The Cape is helped by a super hacker (think Microchip or Batgirl) who provides intel and tech support. The pilot seemed heavily influenced by Robocop and some Marvel and DC comic elements.


I admit that it’s unfair to judge a show on a premiere episode. Personally I prefer to give 3 or 4 episodes for a show to find its legs, but the pilot episode (available on Hulu) did nothing for me. I thought the writing was trite and the chemistry was lacking, except for some scenes with James Frain. Several people, including Digio over at The Atomic Geeks have made the comparison to NightMan. The Cape’s production values are certainly superior to anything NightMan could offer, but I will be amazed if CapeMan can hang on for the 42 episodes that its late 1990s predecessor managed.

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