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Walrus's 11: Dream Edition

Yeah, this movie is a few months old, but it just got nominated for best something or other so I thought it was timely to put up a quick review of this movie here on the ol' blog.

This was a smart, thinking person's sci-fi tale that somehow had broad appeal. In spite of my natural inclination to not like things that are strongly recommended to me with enthusiasm that cannot possibly be lived up to, I watched Inception and still quite enjoyed it. The story was solid and well put together. The movie is built around a set of rules that are easy to understand and not boringly explained throughout the movie. There are a couple of "actually's" that bothered me (something happens that would seem to indicate a common result, except actually in this case it doesn't), but the story largely adheres to those rules.

In a lot of ways, this isn't a sci-fi movie, but a cross between a love story and a heist movie with a sci-fi backdrop. The heist is well thought out and made me feel I was watching Ocean's 11 rather than the inferior 12 or 13. The characters are well-developed, although Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character seemed to get the shaft. He has some great scenes, but some of his abilities seem to come out of nowhere.

Pretty solid all the way around. I am not the biggest fan of "Dreamboat Leo," but he does alright here. Tom Hardy outshines the rest of the cast in my opinion and any blame I had assigned him for Star Trek: Nemesis, I now remove. Special effects were good. Music was good.

As an aside, Christopher Nolan hasn't made a bad movie yet. He may not have gotten the best director Oscar nod for this movie, but he's bound to land that gem someday. While I put no particular stock in the Oscars, if it's something he wants, I hope he gets it. It would be well-deserved.

Yeah, not only would I watch this again, but I'd love to see a sequel. I think there's plenty more room for stories in this universe.

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