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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Sonic Drive-In's "The Chicago Dog"

Oh, here we go again. CT is going to talk about Chicago-style Hot Dogs.

Yes, yes...sorry. I recently discovered that the fast food chain Sonic has begun serving "The Chicago Dog." I've said before, I'm desperate for what I can get down here in Tallahassee as far as Chicago-style food is concerned. I learned recently that Giordano's, which has a location in Orlando, is in a bit of financial trouble and my closest Chicago-style pizza place may be going away. Nooooooooo!

Well, all that aside, I'm here to tell you whether this "The Chicago Dog" is worth getting. Look, if you're like me and are hundreds of miles away from a decent Chicago-style hot dog, this is going to look tempting. And I say, go for it. But know that it's not the real deal.

I reviewed the Steak 'n Shake version of the Chicago-style Hot Dog and between the two, I'd say Steak 'n Shake's is better. On the surface, the Sonic version seems like a closer fit, but the problem with it is the relish. It does not have the bright green relish which tastes different than your typical relish.

And it's lacking something else, but I can't figure out what. All the elements seem there, but the whole thing comes off as less than authentic. It was probably a disservice to it that I had relatively recently had Portillo's mailed to me by Jeeg and PLee for my 2010 Christmas present which was a repeat of the gift my (then) newborn son received from them in 2008. Sonic's version didn't have a chance with Portillo's version fresh in my mind.

Would I get this again? Maybe. But it will be a while. I'll have to forget what the good ones taste like before I do.

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