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Two Petes, One Great Show


pete_and_pete_titleSources (meaning CT) have told this reporter that The Adventures of Pete & Pete will be making its way back to television in a 90s themed block to run on TeenNick this fall. I was a bit older than the target demographic when it originally aired, but Pete & Pete was appointment viewing and VCR worthy programming for me.


For the uninitiated, Pete & Pete focuses on two brothers, both named Pete Wrigley. The boys live in the small town of Wellsville which is populated by an oddball cast of characters including local super hero Artie (The Strongest Man in the World), manic school bus driver Stu, variously themed bullies (Hathead, Pitstain, Papercut), and an evil bowling ball amongst others. Adding to the surrealism is the parade of guest stars ranging from Steve Buscemi to Adam West to Iggy Pop to Frank Gifford. As weird as it is, the show is just as well written and hilarious.


I encourage everyone who hasn’t seen it to check it out this fall.  Fortunately, a DVR will make that task a lot easier than the juggling of T-160 VHS tapes I had to do in the early 90s. If we’re all lucky this recent publicity and some success in the fall will finally get the folks at Viacom/Paramount/Nickelodeon to release the final season of this great show on DVD.

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