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My Atomic Picks II

I recently had the opportunity to join The Atomic Geeks (check them out, they are really good!) again on their podcast. Once again, I had some "Atomic Picks" and have decided to share them here with a bit of elaboration.

The first one is a "Atomic Pan" actually. I recently picked up a couple of figures from the new Captain America: The First Avenger toy line. I have liked these Marvel figures that Hasbro has done with the G.I. Joe-level articulation. However, these Cap figures that I got were very disappointing. The plastic on the figures is really soft, the color schemes seem off, they don't come with stands, and the shields aren't staying on my figures. These were priced the same or higher than the better quality Marvel figures and yet, they are all around worse.

And secondly, I have recently finished watching the 2002 He-Man cartoon. Amazon had the complete series for $7 (although it might be $9 now) and I thought, why not? For this price, I highly recommend everyone picking it up. It's very good and maintains a respect for the original filmation series yet filters out some of the silliness. Trapjaw and Beastman are actually cool. There is an awesome episode that fills in the back story of "the power of Grayskull." Overall a really great series. I wish it had continued into a third season. Most of the stuff that is introduced is wrapped up as long as you don't read the script for episode 40 included on the discs.

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