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Nerd Lunch Reboot Challenge


We had a good time a few months back proposing inexpensive SyFy genre timekillers, so we here at Nerd Lunch decided to shine the Nerd Signal onto a passing cloud once more and see who goes to their cave and puts on their tights . . .

Reboots and reimaginings have become synonymous in recent years with flat-out Hollywood laziness and creative bankruptcy. Now we're not going to argue that every single classic TV show merits a remake ("SWAT"?), and sometimes a solid premise can be botched in the execution ("Clash of the Titans," I would like my 90 minutes back) . . . but those of us who read Joseph Campbell when we were young and impressionable know that a myth can be retold, generation after generation, keeping the essence even as the details change.

Our challenge is a simple one: take a nerd property and pitch the reboot. Any medium will do --- TV, movie, cartoon, puppet show, etc. We're inviting some special guest nerds to join in.

Be watching for answers to the Challenge over the next few days.

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