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CT's Road Trip, part 4: A Stop in Metropolis

While I haven't finished covering the trip, I wanted to sneak in a post about the trip back to Tallahassee before finishing this out on Friday when I talk about the food I ate and the meet up with Jeeg and PLee.

When traveling between Philo, IL and Tallahassee, FL, the route we use, takes us through a little town known as Metropolis, IL. My wife and I have been here before and I'd love to come back for a thorough review of the town someday. But until then, this quick little visit will have to do.

Metropolis, IL is actually a town of less than 6,500 people. This really is not some booming city, but they take their name seriously. They are home to a large museum full of Superman memorabilia. It is impressive and I will get back in there some day...for the blog. They also have a few fun little spots for tourists to come through and get their picture taken. 
Most prominently is the giant Superman statue. It towers over everyone, especially children. As a side note, it's things like this for why DC shouldn't change Superman's costume. This is iconic. There's no need to change it to Kryptonian space armor or whatever. This is the Superman costume. This is what people make statues of.

There are also classic cutouts for kids of all ages to pose with and appear as though they are Superman or Supergirl.

There is a giant mural of several of the actors who have portrayed Superman and some guy named Brandon Routh.

 There's quite a bit of other decor in this little area near the museum and statue. And Pepsi must have sponsored this because there is even a Mountain Dew bench. Mountain Dew and Superman...two of my favorite things.

 Since my wife and I visited there without kids, they have installed a Noel Neill statue just down the street from the Superman statue. Neill played Lois Lane in the Superman serials and the Adventures of Superman television series. It's a pretty good likeness and a very cool thing to have in Metropolis.

There is also a little place called Thor's Gym in town. Not sure how I feel about that.

As an aside, there is a trend of cardboard cutouts at state welcome stations. I managed to get three pictures of me with people I'd never meet in person:

Alright, that does it for the trip back, but come back on Friday for the last post in this series. Hossin'! And the gathering of the Nerds!!!

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