Nerd Lunch: The Web Series - Episode Two Commentary

Today we re-present the second episode of Nerd Lunch: The Web Series, once again with a commentary track by Savannah and myself.

Nerd Lunch: The Web Series - Episode 2 (commentary) on Vimeo.


Jack said...

Good West Coast morning, CT & Savannah. I really enjoy your podcasts and the commentaries, and I never want to let one go by without offering some encouragement, so here we go.

First, I appreciate that you're setting aside blog space to service a minority of your audience. Obviously, no one who isn't following the podcasts has any interest in the commentaries. Let me state as a follower, both these features are appreciated.

Second, on the "nerdy" things, it must be difficult enough to find nerdy activities in one local community (unless you're in LA!), yet so far, you have not only done it, but managed to give it a broader interest as well. Dagorhir chapters are available all over the country, and anyone who found your comics offerings interesting can certainly find a nearby comic shop to follow it up. I'd suggest ideas for other subjects, but I'm at a loss. I hope you aren't, as this is fun; if I think of any, I'll use your Contact feature to pass it along.

Third, "lunchy" things. This can be a gold mine for you guys, as quite simply, everybody eats, and, intentional or not, you've hit the exact right approach to it. As a Californian, I have less than zero interest in hot dog stands in Florida, but the way you presented it was entertaining in its own right, almost like watching a Seinfeld episode. Then, of course, the girls of WTF presented that fabulous vegan stew, and a route to lots more of their yummy recipes. My wife, who is retired, collects and prepares recipes for a hobby, so The Tyler Gang as an entity follows their site, and we also link them in our favorites. You're right, they're a great site to follow, and we never would have found them without the podcast. The conversation with the Tallahassee restaurant owner kind of left me unmoved, but I understand why, as a Tallahassee blog, you need to do features like this, and as long as there are interesting tidbits embedded in the usual "hours and menus," it won't drive many out-of-towners away.

All in all, my review is that you're doing fine with this. You seem like a guy who makes friends easily, and probably has a broad social network. Somehow you landed on exactly the right co-host. I don't know whether there was a screening process or what, but it would be hard to nominate anyone who would compliment you better.

In summary, well done, MORE, MORE!

CT said...

Thanks again, Jack. It's been great to see the support we've gotten for this show. The whole thing has been quite a learning experience for all involved and I've loved almost every minute of it. I know what I had hoped to see it become, but...well, I'll save the official announcement about the fate of The Web Series for next week.