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Zarana The Enemy!

Last year I was able to obtain the SDCC exclusive Sgt. Slaughter action figure through a Twitter pal. This year, that same pal tried and was unable to retrieve this year's exclusive. (Thanks for trying, buddy! I appreciate the effort!) Never fear, ebay came to the rescue and I have continued to keep up with getting all the exclusives I want thus far, save one (Dial Tone...grumble...grumble).

I want to post a few pics of Zarana and showoff this new acquisition, but allow me the chance to gripe a bit here about these exclusive. I hate them. Hate. Them. I don't hate Sarge or Zarana, but I hate the hoops that I have to put people through or go through to get them. It seems like such a backwards way of doing these things to reward fans. Attention all fans of this toy line! Thanks for collecting our figures. Our way of thanking you is by making a small number of high demand figures and selling them at one location hundreds of miles away from most of you.


Seriously? Whatever happened to the days of mail in figures? Collect six proofs of purchase and send in some money for shipping and get a cool figure. I loved mail-in figures as a kid. That's how I got Sarge in the first place. I've purchased way more of these G.I. Joes than I had intended. Surely I've picked up enough proofs of purchase for something to be stuck in the mail and sent my way as a thanks for my undying love of G.I. Joe.

Or...you know what...don't thank me. Don't do mail ins, but don't do exclusives either. Just keep making toys I'd like to buy and figure out ways to get them into stores so I can buy them. Easy. Well, it sounds easy. Maybe it's not.

Anyway, this Zarana figure is nifty and I'm glad Cobra has another gal on the shelf. (I guess that's my full review.)


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