My last foray into specialty/vintage pop was underwhelming, but I decided to give it another go. In conjunction with Passover each year, Coca Cola releases Kosher for Passover versions of Coke and Diet Coke that are made with sugar instead of corn syrup. The Chicago area has one of the larger Jewish populations in the United States, so I took advantage of my location to search out some of the celebrated drink.


Now, that's Kosher

My first stop had sold out of regular and only had Diet Coke in the Kosher version. I worried that maybe I had procrastinated too long, but he shelves at the second store I visited had rows and rows of the yellow capped bottles. A yellow cap indicates the Kosher product and bears the mark of the certifying organization. In my case the bottle cap bore the cRc triangle mark of the Chicago Rabbinical Council. Checking the ingredients confirmed that this Coke was made with sugar. One checkout line and two dollars later, it was time for the pause that refreshes.


Sucrose means sugar!My expectations were rather low after my Mountain Dew Throwback experience, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Kosher Coke seemed to be slightly less sweet, more complex in flavor, and smoother drinking than standard Coca-Cola. The differences were subtle, though positive all around in my opinion. In contrast, our buddy Paxton Holley (if you’re not reading Cavalcade of Awesome, you should be) wrote up a comparison back in 2008 and preferred the corn syrup version. I plan to pick up some Kosher Coke again next year, but the disparity isn’t enough for me to build up an annual stockpile as some rabid fans do.

sundrop_bottleIn preparing for my recent movie watching spree with buddies, a 2 liter bottle of Sun Drop soda made it into my shopping cart. Sun Drop is a citrus flavored pop that until recently was only available in the Midwest. Dr. Pepper/Seven Up has decided to take the Sun Drop brand national and my local food mart was handing out freebies as part of the rollout.


Sun Drop’s main competitors are clearly Mountain Dew and Mello Yello. Interestingly enough, all three occupy different spots on the spectrum. Sun Drop has the most citrus flavor and bite, Dew is the least citrusy and smoothest drinking, and Mello Yello falls somewhere in the middle. My personal preference is still the silky smoothness of Mountain Dew, but those who prefer a bit more kick to the flavor, like Squirt, should definitely give Sun Drop a try.