Are you a Marvel or a DC?

It does seem that most people have a preference between the two companies. I do happen to like both quite a bit, but I did grow up collecting predominantly DC. Factoring in digital comics, I might own more Marvel books though. I have a hard time deciding between the two at this point.

So I turn to you Nerd Lunchketeers, which do you prefer...Marvel or DC? And, stealing an idea from our ol' pal Shawn from, I'm going to give you a fun way to voice your opinion. At least, I think it will be fun.

I have 40 post cards that I'm going to mail out. Half of them are DC themed and the other half are Marvel. Email me your name, mailing address and choice between the two and I will mail you a post card. And if you send me a picture of yourself with the card after receiving it, we will feature you on the blog and Nerd Lunch Facebook page. We'll see which stack of post cards gets depleted first.

So, to recap:
  1. Marvel or DC?
  2. Email CT your name, mailing address and choice: ct [at symbol]
  3. Wait patiently by your mailbox.
  4. Email me back a picture of you with your card. (Optional, but I sure would appreciate it!)
 And hey, if you are not in the US, I will still send you a post card!

So get to emailing and tell everyone in the comments field which one you chose.

Long time friend of Nerd Lunch, Fitz, occupies the fourth chair this week. In this episode the guys outfit some rooms with the finest in nerd decor. Fictional decorating budgets are blown on vintage pulp magazines, a replica lightsaber hilt, a Magic d20 of Destiny, and a Pimp Daddy Destro action figure amongst other items. Then things get really geeky when the exercise is repeated with a blank check. Eat your heart out, Ty Pennington.

I think it's safe to say that I'm not shy about sticking stuff in my pie hole that can only loosely be called "food," but despite this enjoyment of subpar foodstuffs, I have never really liked the McRib. As I have gotten older, I have noticed that my tastes have changed somewhat. Things I liked, I no longer enjoy as much, and things I use to not like, I find aren't so bad anymore.

So, that being said, I thought maybe it was worth trying the McRib again. I can't remember the last time I had one, but it's been a long while. But my plans almost changed when the McDonald's we went to was under construction and had a "buy one, get one" special on Quarter Pounders. A deal like that is hard to pass on. Fortunately, my wife jumped in on the QP deal and I decided to get a McRib and a Quarter Pounder and just pas on the fries.

(As an aside, this McDonald's was apparently staffed by people who lacked the ability to hear any high-pitched sounds as there was a constant stream of fry machine and other timer beeping alerts during our entire duration there.)

The moment of truth arrived and it was time for me to eat my McRib. I took one bite and it was about as good as I remembered it. That is to say, I didn't really dig it. I did like the sauce, but the "meat" itself was meh. I imagine this is what replicated food tastes like on the Enterprise.

Two bites in, and I was glad I saved the Quarter Pounder for last. But then I got the idea to do one of my favorite things and craft a Frankenstein creature out of these two sandwiches.

Introducing, the Porker Pounder. Not really an apt name perhaps, but what I dub it nonetheless. And it was...well, it was something.

Next time the McRib comes back, I won't be itching to go out and grab one. I guess that means more for Jeeg.

[Begin HYPE mode] Robert Zerbe joins the guys on what is assuredly the greatest podcast episode ever recorded! After Robert fills us in on his blog, “To The Escape Hatch!”, and how Bruce Campbell rolls, we catch up on a few of the most hyped movies and TV shows from the last 15 years. Can reality possibly match the buildup for Braveheart, The Wire, Mad Men, or The Walking Dead? Find out in the funniest and most insightful 71 minutes of audio on the ‘Net! [End HYPE mode]

Back when we were doing the Nerd Lunch Reboot Challenge, I briefly toyed with the idea of making Space Ghost one of my reboot entries. I actually wrote some Space Ghost spec scripts years ago. I think the character has a ton of potential. However, he was rebooted a couple different times in recent years. In the late 90s, he became a comedic talk show host. Then, about 7 years ago, he got a DC Comics mini-series which explained his origin.

I have been collecting Space Ghost art off the internet for a few years now and figured maybe I could set up a little gallery here of some shots I already have and some recent ones I've found.

Bill Wiist


"Female Space Ghost"
(artist unknown)

Alex Ross
Steve Rude

And here are a couple shots I found a few years back on an art blog. I can't find the link again and I didn't keep track of the artist's name. If anyone can help me track down the artist, I'd be very appreciative.

Kirk digs toast!

Nerd Lunch contributor Cordy Stepp sits in with Jeeg, Pax, and CT for an examination of the first two Star Trek: TNG movies, Generations and First Contact. Shocking revelations are disclosed when CT declares that he doesn’t like First Contact, Pax admits to playing Data’s "life forms" song on his computer keyboard, Jeeg defends Alfre Woodard, and Cordy questions why Data hasn't been "buttering everyone's popcorn" for years. Plus the question of who likes Generations is finally answered (Here’s a hint: none of us).

Ringleader of the Strange Kids Club, Rondal Scott, joins the Nerd Lunch table this week. After hearing about the happenings over at, we play agent and casting director for some favorite actors that haven't been in the spotlight recently. Find out who we want to see more of, what would be a good comeback role for each, and what sort of show or movie could accommodate our motley crew of favorites. If web sites can get migraines, IMDb may have one after this episode.

For those who don't know, I am in grad school and have been since 2009. I am in my home stretch. If all goes according to plan, there are only...

I am long overdue for a re-reading of this modern classic tale and will make a point to read it again after graduating. This tale is so good that it is one of the reasons I stopped regularly reading comics. I mean, how can anything top this?! The cover for issue #3 contained every character who was ever a member of the JLA or the Avengers (208 total) as of the time of its release. Simply amazing.

Regular readers of this blog know that the gyro holds a special place in the hearts of the Nerd Lunch crew. Our favorite gyro place, Niro’s Gyros, was a regular stop when we all lived in the same city and is still a go-to spot for hossin’ on those rare times we all can get back together. When I left the Nerd Lunch ancestral home for Chicagoland, I expected it would be easy to find a gyro that matched the quality of Niro’s. While the gyro is on the menu of most mom and pop fast food places, none of the places in my area have lived up to what we had back in central Illinois.


Gyro from The Works (the ketchup isn't mine)Thanks to sites like GreaseFreak, I knew that gyro greatness could be found and had a list of candidates. So when business took me closer to the city I made time to visit one highly regarded gyro place: The Works. As a nondescript restaurant in a slightly run down strip mall, The Works looked the part and reminded me of our old haunt Niro’s. I read the service described as the "Cheezeborger, Cheezeborger, No Coke, Pepsi" skit from SNL (which I wrote about a few years back) and that was about right. There were three Greek gentlemen at the grill who took orders and made gyros, another guy taking cash at the register, and a patriarch at the end of the counter overseeing it all.


The gyro arrived wrapped in foil and accompanied by a pickle, which was a first for me. The onions and tomatoes were good, the gyro meat was very good, and the tzatziki sauce and pita were the best I’ve ever had. It was an excellent gyro that could stand shoulder to shoulder with our old friend Niro’s. The fries were mediocre at best, so in future visits I’ll stick with just the gyro or gyro plate. And I certainly hope there will be future visits.


The catch is that even though The Works is one of the more conveniently located all-star gyro places in Chicagoland for me, it’s still an hour or more from where I live. It is encouraging to find something praiseworthy, but it’s not an option for a quick lunch or pick-up after work. My great gyro hunt for a truly local option must continue.