Nerd Lunch Podcast 20: Movie Sequels

The Nerd Lunch crew is back together with Robert Zerbe for a bigger, louder, and uncut episode. After hearing about the latest happenings at To The Escape Hatch, we dive into movie sequels. We discuss what makes a good sequel, debate the differences between movie series and sequels, give our favorites and least favorites, and propose our own sequels for movies that don’t yet have any. In this week’s Nerd To-Do List, we offer a heaping helping of British TV and Pax provides an update on the Star Trek/Quantum Leap fanfic story mentioned in episode 18.


Wisamoslam said...

Sequels that were = to the original in my opinion that you guys didn't discuss:
Problem Child 2
Ninja Turtles 2 Secret of the Ooze
Mighty Ducks 2

All seem to be geared towards kids but thats what i thought of

CT said...

I have to confess my ignorance about all three franchises. I have seen the first Ninja Turtles movie many years ago, but have not seen the second or third ones. I should rectify that.

I have never seen Problem Child or Mighty Ducks movies. That could be a huge oversight on my part.

Chrisloc1701 said...

Great episode. My favorite sequels would have to be Star Trek II, T2 and Empire Strikes Back. one movie they didn't do a sequel for was 'Forest Gump', although they did do a book sequel to the original Forest Gump book. My Mom read 'Gump & Co' right after it was released and she said it was terrible, which explains why it was never developed into a movie. It's a shame they messed up when making the 'Matrix' sequels, although 'Reloaded' had some good parts to it, 'Revolutions' royally sucked.

Jason - GBNF Manager said...

Finally getting caught up with your podcasts guys - you guys do know there is a Red Dawn Reboot coming out this year, right? It sounded like you didn't. Maybe you did, forgive me if that is the case.
Google Red Dawn 2012.

CT said...

I did know about the Red Dawn remake and feel like I was going to mention it but don't recall now why I didn't. It has Chris Hemsworth in it so I'm moderately interested in spite of its sacred ground.

However, what I am even more interested in is it to finally come out so they can maybe decide to release the original on Blu-ray.

Thanks for stopping by. And for anyone else who happens to stop by this comment page, check out the Gone But Not Forgotten Groceries page. It's purty cool.