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German (Nerd) Lunch Special: Döner Kebab


IMG_4338Upon returning form Europe most people would probably talk about the diverse cultures, natural wonders, or historical sites they experienced. But I’ll leave that sort of thing to Rick Steves and focus on the really interesting stuff: fast food.


One of the few things I requested from my hosts was a trip out for the German version of shawarma, döner kebab. Döner has become the most popular fast food in Germany, so not only was it an easy request to fulfill but several of my colleagues actually have a regular place. Döner is basically a cousin to a Nerd Lunch favorite, the Chicago style gyro, with some key differences:



The chicken meat and different style bread produce a different sandwich, but it hits many of the same notes that make the gyro excellent. Exceptionally tasty and by European standards even more affordable than the US equivalent. Should I ever make it back to Germany, döner kebab will again be on my list of eats with sausages, pretzel, and beer.

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