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© Scott Holstein
© Scott Holstein
I recently had the opportunity to help Scott Holstein out on a project of his. You may recognize the name as the guy who was the videographer for our short-lived Web Series. Scott is an established still photographer and is quite good. The concept for this project was to re-do the character of Rambo as a female hero. The final outcome in the "Rambabe" project was two still photos and a behind-the-scenes video shot and chopped by yours truly.

I'm surprised that something like this didn't happen on an official level at the height of Rambo's popularity in the 80s. After the first two movies, there was a cartoon, toy line, and several other pieces of merchandise. A lot of that was short-lived, but if the Rambo wave of popularity had continued, it's possible he would have had his very own "Supergirl/She-Ra/Red Sonja" type character introduced somewhere in the mythos.

Check out Scott's blog for more on the project.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

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