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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Gyros Eggs Benedict


I’m not sure how many times we’ve mentioned gyros over the years, but it’s no secret how much the Nerd Lunch crew loves that Greek delicacy.  We haven’t discussed breakfast food nearly as much, but I love it too.  I could eat breakfast food anytime and regularly tee up eggs or pancakes for lunch or dinner.  When I found out that a local breakfast/lunch spot called Caboose did a gyros Eggs Benedict, I had to jump on it.


IMG_0085Going in I had guarded expectations. I have tried gyro omelets multiple times at various places and have always been disappointed. Gyro omelets are quite often just some eggs with gyro meat and onions, though usually missing tomato and almost never including the all important tzatziki sauce. All apologies to the breakfast cooks of middle America, but it’s impossible to capture the true flavor of a gyro without the essentials of gyro meat, onion, tomato, AND tzatziki sauce. 


Fortunately, the version at Caboose packs all of the essentials into the gyros Eggs Benedict along with feta cheese. It all comes together into a heap of deliciousness. A poached egg makes almost everything better and gyro meat is no exception. What did surprise me was how well the sharpness of the feta and tzatziki melded with the Hollandaise sauce. The plate delivers notes of both dishes and something new, which is exactly what I hope for in combinations like this. 


I probably shouldn’t be eating gyros Eggs Benedict too often, and most cardiologists would agree, but I definitely will be back to Caboose for another go.

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